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guarantee.jpgWe offer the strongest guarantee in the  industry: “You Get the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Seen or It’s FREE!” We stand behind every job we do.  Many companies say they stand behind their work, but don’t address any issues that may arise, and most certainly wouldn’t refund your money if you weren’t pleased.
Our top-of-the-line equipment. Because of our strong guarantee, we need to have the best equipment available on the market to produce the most vacuum pressure and effective sanitizer. And we are constantly updating/upgrading our equipment with each advancement in industry technology. Several companies are using portable units (at left) or carpet cleaning equipment to clean vents, which has inferior vacuum pressure and other limitations. Most times, they can only reach a few feet into the vents and are leaving behind the majority of dust, dirt and debris, which ends up in the main trunk line.  

Our Thorough and Complete Cleaning Process. There are three major components to thoroughly clean the vents:
1. Putting the entire system under strong vacuum pressure.

2. Brushing each vent line, trunk lines and remote trunk line with rotating brushes to loosen dirt, dust, debris, etc.

3. Using compressed air through the system to remove dirt, dust, debris, etc.

We use all three elements to thoroughly clean the vents. We also clean all of the components of the furnace, replace the furnace filter and sanitize the vents to kill bacteria, mildew, mold, etc.

Companies that use inferior equipment such as portables or carpet cleaning equipment are only doing one of three components that are necessary to thoroughly and properly clean vents. The result? Lots of dirt, dust and debris behind left behind.
angieaward.gifWe are a Super Services Award Winner with Angie’s List, a consumer-driven website that helps consumers find reputable service contractors. Less than 5% of service companies affiliated with Angie’s List receive this award.  Many companies don’t focus their efforts on providing excellent customer service. They just want more customers. At Allied, we want to make you a lifetime client, not a one-time customer, so we treat our clients like family.
clock.jpgYou get our on-time guarantee. If we are one-minute late (past the 2-hr. time window), we will take $25 off the bill. Many contractors are late and some don’t even show up at all. Few even both to tell you if they’re running late, let alone give you money off the bill.
We are a BBB Gold Star Award Winner (2003-2007).
In fact, we’ve never had a complaint. 
A company in good standing with the BBB means that it takes care of its clients. Unfortunately, very few air duct cleaners in the Denver Metro area are BBB members.  
The education that we provide to consumers. With so many different companies and cleaning methods out there, it’s confusing to know who to call. We help consumers by telling them what to look for when choosing an air duct cleaning company so they can make an educated decision for themselves. We have many resources to help consumers choose, such as our website and Free Consumer Info Line to educate consumers in what to look for in an air duct cleaning company (1-888-460-4806). Many companies do not inform their clients about the work being performed, what to look for, etc. In fact, some actually do not know the facts or mislead people into what they should be looking for.
Our integrity. We are in business to build lifetime clients. And you can’t accomplish that through bait and switch tactics, not delivering what you promise and overall bad business practices. Many cleaners over promise and under-deliver. Some tell you that they can reach your entire air duct system through the floor vents, which is impossible. And because you cannot see the inside of your vents, they are able to get away with doing an inferior job.
customer-service.jpgExcellent customer service. We answer the phones live as well as answer any questions clients may have. We encourage people to ask us questions because that means they are doing their homework. We always go above and beyond for our clients, which is why over 75% of our business comes from repeat and referred clients. With many companies, you will not get a live person to take your call or answer any questions you may have. And often times, you will never get a return phone call.

No hidden charges….EVER. We never use bait and switch techniques. We do an initial walk through of each job, estimate the work and put everything in writing before we get started so there are no surprises.

Many companies use “bait and switch” tactics where they will offer you a low price and then add several other charges once they have done the work. Often times, the final price is 2-3 times what was originally quoted.
We are the only Air Duct Cleaning company endorsed with the Indoor Air Alliance (in the Denver Metro Area). The Indoor Air Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by a group of indoor air quality experts, healthcare professionals and other community-minded individuals. The IAA (Indoor Air Alliance) is very selective as to who can be a supporting member of their organization. They look for companies who use negative air cleaning machines, the proper way to thoroughly clean vents. Many companies do not use utilize the proper method of cleaning, and therefore leave dust and debris behind.

thank-you.jpgOur follow up. We want each and every person to be a lifetime client, not a one-time customer. Every client, no matter how small the job, receives a thank you letter and is added to our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter The Latest Dirt (we also choose a Client of the Month), reminder post cards for cleaning, special offers, etc.

 When was the last time you had a service contractor send you a thank you note for your business? With most contractors, you will never hear from them again after they complete work in your home. You feel like just another number, and not feel like the special client you deserve be.
money.jpgReferral Reward Program. Advertising is expensive. We would rather pay our clients for their referrals than pay for advertising. For every referral you give us, we pay you $25 or you get 25% off your next cleaning. The more referrals you give us, the more money or percentage off your next cleaning you will receive. Some clients refer so many people that they get their entire home cleaned for free every year! It’s just our way of saying thank you for thinking of us and helping us grow our business.  Most companies don’t thank their clients, let alone reward them for their referrals.




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