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Improving the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Many people wait for spots to develop and for their carpeting to look physically dirty before they have their carpets cleaned. By this time the carpet is actually at a very unhealthy level and may even contribute to sickness and allergies. When you close up your home, you trap all of these pollutants in your home. Every time you walk on your carpet dust, pollen, pesticides, tobacco smoke, and many other things get released into the air where you and your family breathe over and over again. Like any filter, your carpeting should be cleaned to remove all of those harmful pollutants from your home. Carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned once a year to prevent wear in your carpet. Their concern is not with your health, but from a maintenance standpoint. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned a lot more often. Why? They have done studies showing that having your carpets and Air Ducts cleaned on a regular basis greatly reduces poor indoor air quality, making a healthier home.

Then there is the other major collection source for your indoor air quality: your Air Duct system. Many people never even think about having their Air Duct system cleaned. In some cases, it may never have been cleaned. You are talking about years and years of debris clinging to every inch of your Air Duct system. (New homes have lots of debris too, from the construction process.) Then every time you turn on your air conditioner or furnace you circulate unwanted debris throughout your entire home. And you wonder why you get sick or your allergies act up. By having dirty vents and your air conditioner running, you and your family breathe all of these pollutants over and over again. Itís like a never-ending cycle as long as you have a dirty Air Duct system and your indoor air is not exchanged with fresh outside air.

Go down to your furnace and pull out the furnace filter. You will see how much debris is caught in the filter. This is only from 3 to 6 months of use, because this is how often it is supposed to be changed. Now imagine the rest of your Air Duct system. Maybe it was cleaned one time or maybe never at all. This is just plain unhealthy for you and your family. Isnít it time you thought about having your Air Duct system thoroughly cleaned? You and your family will breathe easier if you did. With our powerful truck mounted system we use rotating brushes that scrub and vacuum debris simultaneously from the duct lines and the main trunk line. We clean each individual vent line for the most thorough cleaning. We then apply a sanitizer that kills bacteria and odors associated with mold, mildew, smoke and hundreds of other contaminants. We also thoroughly clean the furnace as well as replace your filter.

As you can see, cleaning your carpets and Air Ducts will make your home a healthy home. Fifty percent of all sickness is caused by poor indoor air quality. So your home could be contributing to your family getting sick.

Our focus is to help consumers find a qualified, reputable cleaning company. As a result, we have put together two Free Consumer Information Lines which features misconceptions about carpet and air duct cleaning as well as 7 questions to ask when calling around.

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