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What Makes Allied Better

There are several air duct cleaning companies in the Denver Metro area. Some have portable equipment, some are "truckmounted"...some offer a whole house cleaning for only $79, others $179 and some companies charge several hundred dollars. How do you know who to choose to clean your air duct system?

We have made it our focus to provide un-biased, valuable information to consumers in their search for a thorough Denver air duct cleaning company. Yes, we would prefer that you call us, but we would also rather see you hire a professional cleaning company that will do a thorough cleaning job rather than see you getting ripped off. That's why we have put together a Free Consumer Information Line. The free consumer line provides you with information such as misconceptions about air duct cleaning, the different cleaning methods, as well as some questions to ask when calling around. We highly encourage you to call this pre-recorded message for more information about air duct cleaning before you start calling around. You can access the consumer line 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-888-460-4806.

We will also show you an example of how some Denver air duct cleaning companies clean vs. our cleaning system.

Our hose is the yellow and black one, approximately 8 inches in diameter.  The other hose is from a system that many carpet cleaners use and attach to their existing carpet cleaning equipment. Because it's only 1 1/2 inches in diameter, it has limitations as to what it can remove from the vents.  


This vacuum hose port (used by many Denver air  duct cleaning companies who use their carpet cleaning equipment) isn't much larger in diameter of a nickel. As a result, anything larger than a nickel will not be extracted from the vents. Items like sheet rock, wood, cans, etc. will be left behind.



Here are some other items that would be left behind because they could not fit through the hose.  


Even though only one ball fit into the other hose, we can fit several in ours at a time.  



Because our hose is so much larger, it can extract much larger items.


This glass orange juice bottle from the 1970s  weighs nearly 5 lbs. and still contains liquid.   


Other air duct cleaners also leave behind construction debris, such as wood, sheetrock, and other materials.  


Our Cleaning Power vs. The Other Guy's Cleaning Power

 Types of Equipment Vacuum Power in cfm (cubic feet/minute) Clean the furnace? Able to remove large debris? Able to clean the entire air duct system?
   16,000 cfm  Yes  Yes  Yes
   300-400 cfm  No  No    No
   300-400 cfm   No   No   No
   150-420 cfm (depending on the number of motors)   No   No   No


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