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What We Remove From Your Air Duct System

Whether you live in a new home, an older home or a newly-remodeled home, your vents are a major collection source for dust, dirt, debris and bacteria. And sometimes toys, food, cans, construction debris and other items make their way into your vents. And you may not even know it's there, collecting dust, cutting down the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and ultimately costing you more money, while also contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Here are some of the actual items that we have removed from our clients' air duct system.



Dirt, dust, animal hair, etc.  



Dead rodents, bugs, etc.  


Beverage containers. The glass orange juice container in the back weighs almost 5 lbs. and still had liquid in it. It was manufactured in the 1970s. Other cans that we removed dated back to the mid- 80s and from the 90s.  


Food wrappers, some of which we removed from b rand new homes.   


Construction debris, such as sheet rock, pipes, wood, nails, sandpaper, etc.


Lots of toys, balls, etc. 


Tobacco products

There are lots of other items such as the family hamster which we did not want to picture here.


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